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Case Management

Case Management

Our case management platform offers a game-changing storage feature that simplifies and optimizes the case management process. With all case information stored in one central location, users can easily access and manage case-related data from a single, user-friendly dashboard. The platform allows for effortless tracking of case progress, assigning cases to team members, and setting tags and alerts.

Process, Enrich, Detect

The platform help the investigator to easily parse collected artifacts from different evidences, unify their fields, enrich their values with different enrichment sources, and trigger alerts based on predefined intel feeds (Hash values, IP address, etc.).  



Store all parsed evidences from different evidences sources in a single page, making it easy to search, hunt, and correlate all records from one convenient interface. With our powerful search tool, you can easily find the records you need, order by specific field, aggregate records, tag single or multiple malicious records, and customize columns with ease.

Why Choose US


Our platform offers hassle-free deployment that makes it easy to get started and hit the ground running.


With new artifacts constantly being discovered, our team is dedicated to developing new parsers and enrichers to ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the industry 


Our platform is built by IR experts for IR experts, with the goal of enhancing collaboration, investigation, and workflow efficiency